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Credit ratings

Rosneft has the highest credit ratings (ruAAA / AAA(RU)) with stable outlooks from the leading Russian credit rating agencies (Expert RA and ACRA). Rosneft pursues a balanced credit policy and is constantly working on credit portfolio optimization and minimization of risks.

Credit rating from Expert RA

Assignment / confirmation dateRating
05.06.2023 ruAAA
10.06.2022 ruAAA
11.06.2021 ruAAA
30.06.2020 ruAAA
10.07.2019 ruAAA
05.10.2018 ruAAA
21.11.2017 ruAAA
28.07.2017 ruAAA


Credit rating from ACRA

Assignment / confirmation dateRating
18.12.2023 AAA(RU)
19.01.2023 AAA(RU)