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Catalyst plants

The Company has two catalyst plants: Angarsk Plant of Catalysts and Organic Synthesis (AZKiOS) and Novokuibyshevsk Catalyst Plant (NZK). AZKiOS produces more than 50 formulations of various catalysts of oil refining and petrochemical processes, including for gasoline reforming, catalysts for the production of special fuels, production of hydrogen, methanol, and a number of desiccants and sorbents.

A license unit with a capacity of 4,000 tons per year for the out-of-pile regeneration of catalysts for hydrogenation processes of oil refining was built and put into operation at the Novokuibyshevsk Catalyst Plant.

Currently, the catalyst plants are modernizing production facilities: a new production site with a capacity of 600 tons per year of modern catalysts for reforming and isomerization of gasoline is being built at AZKiOS, and a pilot plant for the production of hydrotreating catalysts is underway at NCP.