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Questions and answers for shareholders

How do the shareholders of Rosneft exercise their right to participate in management of the Company? Where is Rosneft’s General Shareholders Meeting held? How is the Board of Directors of the Company elected at the General Shareholders Meeting of Rosneft?

Who is entitled to make decisions on payment of dividends on Rosneft shares? Which sources are used by Rosneft to pay dividends to the shareholders? What is the term for paying annual dividends on shares of Rosneft?

In what cases can a shareholder demand the repurchase of his/her shares from the Company?

What kind of information about Rosneft can a Rosneft shareholder obtain? How long does it take for information to be provided to Rosneft shareholders? How much does it cost for Rosneft shareholders to get copies of Company documents?

Where can I purchase (sell) shares of Rosneft? Why did I, when buying shares of Rosneft during their public offer, not receive them in person? Which document certifies the ownership of shares of Rosneft?

Which organization serves as a specialized registrar maintaining the register of shareholders of Rosneft? Where is the special registrar Reestr-RN LLC located? How can I contact this organization? What is the cost of services provided by Reestr-RN LLC to shareholders of Rosneft?