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Health, Safety and Environment Strategy, Policy and Management

"In its operations, Rosneft fully complies with the national and international health, safety and environmental (hereinafter - HSE) legislation in Russia and other countries of its presence

The Company prioritizes safe working conditions for its employees and contractors at all sites and use of environmentally responsible practices in its operations.

In its approach to safety, Rosneft makes no difference between the Company's and contractors’ employees, giving same rights and applying same HSE requirements to both categories of employees.

The HSE Policy gives the right to all employees including contractors’ staff to refrain from performing the work if it can endanger human life, health or harm the environment.

As the leader of the Russian oil and gas industry and one of the largest companies in the global fuel and energy sector, Rosneft understands the nature and scale of its impact and its respective responsibility. That is why is continues to set ambitious strategic HSE objectives.

The Company plans to reach a completely new level of labor and process safety. As part of the new "Rosneft – 2030 Strategy: reliable energy and global energy transition", the Company prioritized aspiration to achieve zero fatalities (FAR indicator, contractors included) and zero process safety events (PSER-1 indicator), which was stated by Rosneft in its public position "Rosneft: Contribution to implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals” and other publications.

A significant number people working at Rosneft's production facilities represent contractors and subcontractors' workforce. That is why when the Company was setting is strategic HSE objectives it decided to include contractors and subcontractors into the reporting perimeter and collect data on key HSE indicators.

"Rosneft has set demanding requirements to reporting transparency: all injuries, from light to severe, and including those of contractors, are recorded on a mandatory basis.

All managers in the Company are personally accountable for achieving HSE objectives, setting a personal example of safe behavior and HSE leadership.

HSE indicators are an integral part of the annual KPIs set for the Company's executives, heads of subsidiaries and other employees.

The Company runs its HSE processes under the Integrated Health, Safety and Environment Management System (HSE IMS) as per the international best practices.

The HSE IMS is a part of the overall Company's management system and represents processes, procedures, organizational structure and resources used for effective management of risks, opportunities, compliance control and continuous improvement of the HSE performance.

The Company annually confirms compliance of its HSE IMS with ISO standards (and/or Russian GOST R ISO).

The Company pays special attention to partnerships, which give opportunities to share experience and further develop HSE practices. To that end, Rosneft regularly organizes partnership forums.