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Sustainable Development

The Company considers its sustainable development as a contribution to the development of the society which satisfies its current needs without threatening the opportunity of future generations to satisfy their needs.

Being a leader of oil and gas industry and one of the largest companies of global fuel and energy complex, Rosneft aims to achieve not only high production and financial performance but also to contribute to the country’s development and prosperity and to the quality of live and living conditions improvement for its citizens.

Commitment to the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Part of ROSNEFT-2022 Strategy in the area of HSE is commitment of the Company to the UN sustainable development goals. Herewith, according to the practice of international majors the Company determined five priority goals to the achievement of which it will contribute in the course of its main activity, including “Sound health and well-being”, “Low cost and emission-free energy”, “Decent work and economic growth”, “Combating climate change” and “Partnership for sustainable development” (the icons of the goals to be used additionally). Tasks contributing to the achievement of the UN sustainable development goals are also integrated into the current activities of the Company.

Sustainable Development Goals of Strategic Priority


Sustainable Development Goals integrated in current operations

Sustainable development goal and tasks of the Company are aligned with the chosen UN priority sustainable development goals. The Company continues its work related to integration of sustainable development principles into its strategic and program documents.

Rosneft directly facilitates realization of the goals set by the UN both as part of its main activity and by supporting and participating in various projects and initiatives aimed to improve quality of life in the presence regions, development of healthcare, science and education, culture and environmental safety.

In December, 2018 Board of Directors of the Company approved strategic principles and public stand of Rosneft company: contribution to realization of the UN sustainable developmentgoals.

This public stand corresponds to the principles of openness, transparency and informing the stakeholders, investors and other concerned parties. It is an addition to the Sustainable Development Policy and reports.

Sustainable Development Policy

Sustainable Development Policy is a high level document expressing the Company’s stand on the issue of sustainable development and establishing unified approaches to the activity in this field (has been being realized since 2009). The Policy is aimed to facilitate realization of strategic goals set by Rosneft Oil Company as one of the largest in the world public energy corporations, as long as achievement of these goals is possible only in strict compliance with high standards of environmental and industrial safety, social responsibility and corporate management. The document determines goals, tasks and principles of the Company’s activity regarding sustainable development, approaches to interaction with the concerned parties and principles of reporting.

According to the Policy activity of Rosneft aimed to sustainable development is built on the following principles:

  • statutory compliance and performance of other obligations undertaken by the Company;
  • taking into account interests and expectations of the interested parties;
  • observance of human rights;
  • implementation of sustainable development principles into daily activity of the Company;
  • understanding and taking into account regional specificity;
  • performance valuation and continuous improvement;
  • risk management;
  • informational transparency.

Important tasks facing the Company and facilitating its contribution to sustainable development of the society are economic efficiency increase, personnel development and ensuring stability in labour collectives, supporting high level of safe activity of the Company employees, counterparties, people and environment, participation in social and economic development of the presence regions which is realized on the basis of continuous interaction with the parties concerned.

The Company approves provisions of the Social Charter of the Russian business and considers achievement of high economic and social results in a long-term perspective is possible only on the basis of commitment to a reasonable balance of interests of stakeholders, government, employees, suppliers and consumers, social institutes and other parties concerned.

The most important condition of economic and social prosperity of the country is formation of joint responsibility of government, business and citizens on the basis of observance of civil rights and liberties, equal opportunity, respect for human dignity and supremacy of law. Well-balanced and deliverable social policy leads to entrepreneurial risks decrease, companies’ competitiveness improvement, personnel efficiency and consumers’ loyalty increase and general increase of business community reputation.

Stand of Rosneft regarding labor management. environmental and industrial safety and support of local communities in the presence regions is an integral part of the corporate strategy aimed to create a complex of conditions for sustainable development of the Company for a long-term perspective.

Being a participant of the UN Global Compact, Rosneft exerts every effort to ensure growing energy needs of the world economy necessary for a well-balanced economic growth and increase of life quality.

Interaction with interested parties builds one of the key aspects of Rosneft policies in the field of sustainable development and corporate social responsibility.

Sustainable development reports of Rosneft provide summarised information on social and environmental aspects of the Company's activities which play an essential role for Rosneft, its shareholders, employees and other interested parties.

The Company acts in strict compliance with the Russian legislation, the Social Charter of Russian Business and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, acknowledges importance and value of basic human rights and liberties, shares principles of international declarations and conventions for human rights.

Security hotline is an instrument aimed at implementing Rosneft policies to combat theft at the Company's facilities, and push back against corruption.

In the area of health, safety and environment, Rosneft is guided by the requirements set forth in the Russian legislation and the international law.

Science and innovations of Rosneft Oil Company.

The Company's main asset consists of its employees. Their operational excellence builds the formula of success for Rosneft activities. For that reason, the Company creates appropriate comfortable working conditions aiming to implement the potential of each employee.

Corporate culture constitutes an important part of Rosneft activities, and essential component of the Company's successful development strategy.

Rosneft Oil Company adheres to a policy of high social responsibility to its employees and their family members, the residents of regions where the Company operates, and to the society as a whole.